This tool will generate a password reset code which you may use to reset a forgotten admin password for a Hikvision camera.

Enter your camera's complete CASE SENSITIVE serial number, as seen in the Hikvision SADP tool:
Important: The date you enter below much match with the camera's clock. Most likely it is not today's date!
To find out what date your camera thinks it is, power cycle your camera, give it time to boot up, and then refresh your camera list in SADP and check the Start Time column.

Enter the 4 digit year the camera thinks it is:
Enter the 2 digit month the camera thinks it is:
Enter the 2 digit day the camera thinks it is:
Your password reset code will appear below.
The code must be entered into the Hikvision SADP tool in the Serial code box (called Security Code in later SADP versions).
The camera will compare its internal date and time with the date and time you have entered above.
The Serial Number and date much match perfectly or else the code will not work.